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Shade and Flowering Trees

Our size and growth descriptions are our best estimate for a healthy 30 year old tree grown under average conditions. Keep in mind that the mature size of a tree varies by weather and soil conditions, stress factors and cultural practices (mulching, fertilizing, watering etc.)

Acer – Maples

Amelanchier – Serviceberry

Betula – Birch

Carpinus – Hornbeam

Cercis – Redbud

Chionanthus - Fringe Tree

Cornus – Dogwood

Crataegus – Hawthorn 

Fagus - Beech 


Gleditsia – Honeylocust

Halesia - Silverbell

Heptacodium - Seven Son Flower

Liquidambar - Sweetgum


Malus - Flowering Crabapples

Metasequoia - Dawn Redwood

Platanus – Sycamore

Prunus – Flowering Cherry

Pyrus – Flowering Pear 

Quercus – Oak

Salix – Willow

Styrax Japonicus

Syringa - Ivory Silk Japanese Tree Lilac

Taxodium - Bald Cypress 

Ulmus  – Elm


Availability changes daily as items sell and are restocked!

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