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Japanese Maples

The breathtaking colors and delicate shapes of the Japanese Maple have long delighted gardeners and plant connoisseurs. Since the early 1600s, the Japanese have revered and cultivated the Maple, developing many new varieties. Over 1000 cultivars are now in existence. We try to offer a selection of some of the most popular varieties, as well as new and hard to find types for the collector.

Upright Japanese Maples

Moonglow Japanese Maples

Weeping Japanese Maples

The size of Weeping Japanese Maples depends on their graft height. If they have an approx. 1’ graft expect mounds ranging in size about 4-5’ tall by 4-5’ wide. A higher graft closer to 2.5-3’ expect mounds 6-8’ tall by 6-8’ wide. Sizes are for a 20 year period. All cultivars can be trimmed to desired size.

Availability changes daily as items sell and are restocked!

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