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"Planting is an act of optimism, a belief in the future."


     For years now Foliage Farm has produced field grown shade and flowering trees for homeowners, landscapers, and local municipalities. Maybe some of the trees in your neighborhood were at a younger age once nurtured on our farm.


     Trees give your neighborhood a sense of character. All too often someone may plant the foundation of a home with little consideration for the impact a few properly placed trees can provide. The early spring blooms of Japanese Cherry and Flowering Pear coax us to come outdoors. The canopies of Honeylocust or Oak provide a shady respite to summers sun and heat. Maples are set ablaze during the chill of frosty nights. A Sycamore silhouettes a winter's landscape while the arms of a Fir are wrapped with a fresh coat of snow.


  The Foliage Farm staff can help you select trees to enhance your property,

bullet[1].jpgWhether your site requires blocking strong winds and screening neighboring properties or you desire fragrant colorful blooms and vibrant fall foliage.

bullet[1].jpgWhen you need a shady outdoor "room," habitat and food for wildlife, or a living memorial of a significant event.

bullet[1].jpgIf you choose to plant for the visual enjoyment of others, or do your part for the environment by cleaning the air we breathe. 75[1].jpg









Our fields produce a diverse assortment of flowering, ornamental, and shade trees. We stock evergreen varieties from reliable northern climate growers for their inherent toughness.



Trees are available as easy to handle container grown options or as larger balled and burlaped field grown selections that really add an impact. (See Planting and Delivery if you prefer our assistance.)

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Throughout our tree displays you will find price guides and tree description handout sheets. Feel free to take these along with you as guides to form conclusions when you return home.