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Abelia - Kaleidoscope
Arbs – Rheingold, Tom Thumb, Anna's Magic Ball (PW)
Aronia – Autumn Magic
Aucuba – Gold Dust
Azaleas – Blauuw’s Pink, Fuchsia, Gumpo Pink, Hino Crimson, Pleasant White, Silver Sword, Stewartstonian, Tradition, Rene       

          Michelle, Orange Exbury 
Beauty Berry 
Barberry – Bonanza, Rosy Glow, Royal Burgundy
Boxwood – Green Velvet
Burning Bush
Butterfly Bush – Black Knight, Miss Molly (PW), Prince Charming, Royal Red, True Blue, Amethyst (PW)
Clethra – Hummingbird
Crape Myrtle – Dynamite, Tonto, Pink Velour
Cryptomeria – Globosa Nana
Cypress – Crippsi, Gold Mop, Leyland
Deutzia – Yuki Cherry Blossom (PW)
Euonymus – Gold Edge, Manhattan
Fine Line Buckthorn (PW)
Fothergilla – Mt Airy
Holly – Blue Girl, Blue Prince, Green Lustre, Skypencil, Soft Touch, Steeds
Hydrangea – Mop Head – Endless Summer, Bloomstruck, Firefly, Twist-n-Shout, Summer Crush, L.A. Dreamin’
                    – Paniculata – Limelight (PW), Little Lime (PW), Fire and Ice
                    – Oak Leaf – Gatsby Pink (PW)
Itea – Merlot 
Juniper – Andorra, Blue Pacific, Blue Point, Procumbens Nana, Sargent
Lilac – James McFarlane, Dwarf Miss Kim
Nandina – Gulf Stream
Ninebark – Ginger Wine (PW), Lemon Candy 
Nishiki Willow 

Pieris - Red Hed
Potentilla – Goldfinger
Red Twig Dodwood – Baileyi, Variegated
Rhododendron – PJM, Yaku Princess, Nova Zembla, Roseum Elegans, Chionoides
Roses – Knock Out Rose – Double Red, Double Pink, Yellow
           – Drift Rose – Pink, Red, White, Popcorn, Apricot, Pink
           – Climbing Rose  – Yellow, Purple, Red
Rose Of Sharon – Blue Chiffon, Lucy Red
Sambucus – Lemony Lace
Scotch Broom – Burkwood
Smokebush – Winecraft Black
Spirea – Goldflame, Goldmound, Little Princess, Magic Carpet, Neon Flash, Snowmound, Vanhouttei 

Spruce - Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Little Gem Spruce
Viburnum – Alleghany, Popcorn, Winterthur, Burkwood
Weigelia – Midnight Wine (PW), Magical Robin, Variegated, Wine and Roses (PW), Minuet
Winterberry – Jim Dandy, Red Sprite
Witch Hazel – Anrold’s Promise, Diane
Yucca – Color Guard


Achillea (Yarrow) – Apricot Delight, Moonshine Yellow, Pink Grapefruit 
Agastache - Blue Fortune
Ajuga -  Burgundy Glow, Bronze Beauty
Alchemilla - Landy’s Mantle 
Amsonia – Blue Ice
Aquilgea (Columbine) – Origami Red and White, Origami Blue and White, Songbird
Armeria Thrift Rose
Astilbe – Fanal, Bridal Veil, Peach Blossom, Pink Lightning, Youngue Cerise
Baptisia – Austalis, Screaming Yellow

Brunnera - Jack Frost
Chelone (Hot Lips)
Coreopsis – Dahl Baby, Enchanted Eve, Sunkiss, Moonbeam, Zagreb
Crocosimia – Lucifer
Delosperma (Ice Plant) – Purple, Red Mountain, Lemon Ice, Mesa Verde, Lavender Ice, Moonstone White, Yellow
Dianthus – Neon Star, Cherry Vanilla (PW), Classic Coral (PW), Double Bubble, Shooting Star, Sweetie Pie (PW), Frosty, Raspberry         

            Surprise, Frost Pink PomPom, Scent First Passion, Scent First SugarPlum, Starburst Pink
Dicentra (Bleeding Heart) – Specabilis
Digitalis (Foxglove) – Dalmation Peach, Foxlight Ruby Glow
Echinacea (Coneflower) – Green Twister, Magnus, Cone-Fections Milkshake, Prairie Splendor, Fiery Meadow Mama, Butterfly Rainbow

             Marcella, Double Scoop Bubble Gum
Fern – Autumn Brilliance, Japanese Painted, Lady in Red, Maidenhair, Ostrich, Japanese Regal Red, Japanese Beech, 
Gaillardia – Arizona Sun, Mesa Yellow
Galium (Sweet Woodruff)
Geum - Totally Tangerine
Geranium – Rozanne, New Hampshire Purple, Karmina
Hemerocallis – Stella D’oro, Purple D’oro, Pardon Me, Rosy Returns, Happy Returns
Heuchera (Coralbells) – Palace Purple, Plum Pudding, Carnival Candy Apple, Carnival Watermelon, Miracle, Berry Timeless, Frosted

               Violet, Black Pearl, Carnival Black Olive, Crimson Curls, Obsidian
Heucherella – Buttered Rum
Hosta – August Moon, Crusader, Diamonds Are Forever, First Frost, Guacamole, Island Breese, Elegans, Sum and Substance, Blue

               Angel, Blue Cadet, Mouse Ears, Empress Wu, Francee, Frances Williams, June, Orange Marmalade, Patriot, Stained Glass,

               Praying Hands, Wide Brim
Hypericum (St. Johns Wort)
Iberis – Little Gem
Iris (Siberian) – Contrast in Styles, White Swirl
Iris (ensata) – Lion King, Crystal Halo, Temple Bells
Iris (German) – Immortality, Open Ocean, Pure As Gold
Kalimeris Blue Star
Kniphofla (Red Hot Poker)
Lamium (Dead Nettle) – Purple Dragon, Orchid Frost, White Nancy, Pink Pewter
Lavander – Super Blue, Provence, Dilly Dilly 
Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy) – Becky, Banana Cream (PW), Snow Lady
Liatris (Gayfether) – Kobold Purple
Lupine – Gallery Mix
Lysmachia (Creeping Jenny)
(Bee Balm) – Bee You Bee Happy, Bee You Bee True, Petite Delight, Blue Moon, Cherry Pops, Grape Gumball, Pink Frosting
Nepeta (Catmint) – Walker’s Low, Junior Walker, Dropmore, Early Bird
Oenothera (Primrose) – Siskiyou
Penstemon – Carillo Red, Dark Towers 
Peony (Perennial) – Karl Rosenfield
Peony (Tree) – Cora Louise, First Arrival, Julia Rose 
Perovskia (Russian Sage) – Crazy Blue & Traditional
Phlox (Garden Phlox) – Jeana, Bubblegum Pink, Coral Crème Drop
Phlox (Creeping Phlox) – Emerald Blue, Fort Hill, Snowflake, Violet Pinwheels
Polemonium (Stairway To Heaven) 
Polygonatum Varigatum (Solomon’s Seal)
Rudbeckia (Blackeyed Susan) – Goldstrum, Little Gold Star, Vivette’s Little Suzy 
Sagina aurea – Scotch Moss
Salvia – Blue Hill, Blue Marvel, Caradonna, Marcus, May Night, Rose Marvel, Snow Hill
Sedum – Angeline, Sunsparkler Dazzleberry,Dragons Blood, Tricolor, Turkish Delight, Turquoise Tails, Kamtschaticum, VooDoo,

             Autumn Fire, Blueberry Pie
Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks) – Ruby Heart, Blue Ice
Sisyrinchium Blue Eyed Grass 
Stachys (Lambs Ear) - Silver Carpet
Stokesia (Stokes Aster) – Mel’s Blue
Thymus (Creeping Tyme)
Tiarella - Sugar and Spice
Tradescantia (Spider Wort) – Concord Grape, Red Grape, Amethyst Kiss
Veronica – First Love, First Glory, Red Fox, Royal Candles, Waterperry Blue, Very Van Gogh
Vinca (Periwinkle) - Bowles


Clematis – Sweet Autumn, Blue Boy, Bees Jubilee, Comtessa De Buchard, Ernest Markham, H.F. Young, Jackmoni, Madame Le Coultre,

               Mrs. Cholmondeley, Little Duckling, Polish Spirit, Rooguchi, Royalty, 

Hydrangea Vine – Petiolaris, Moonlight

Lonicera (Honeysuckle) – Peaches & Cream

Climbing Roses – All Ablaze, Purple Splash, Sky’s the Limit

Wisteria – Blue Moon


Elijah Blue Fescue, Hakonechloa Aureola, Burgundy Bunny, Carex Ice Dance, Liriope Big Blue, Liriope Variegated, Juncus Big Twister, Purple Fountain, Carex Bunny Blue “Hobb”, Dwarf Fountain, Shenandoah, Morning Light, Adagio, Porcupine

Container Trees

Redbud - Lavender Twist, Eastern (Clump and Single Stem), Carolina Sweetheart, Black Pearl

Weeping Willow

Magnolia - Jane, Little Gem

Rare & Unusual Conifers

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

Deodora Cedar "Devinely Blue"

Crippsi Cypress

Kosteri Hinoki Cypress

Globe Blue Spruce 

Weeping Norway Spruce

Weeping White Spruce

Filicoides Compacta Hinoki Cypress

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