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Choosing The Right Tree

We have said it before, that fall is a great time to plant a tree: and IT IS!  Many of you have good intentions of adding trees to your property, but easily get overwhelmed by all the varieties and choices. Then, the simple task of buying and planting a tree becomes daunting. Well, let me help you narrow it down and give you some clean cut ways to find the TREE that is best for you. Or maybe you'll just stumble your way out here and YOUR TREE will find YOU!


My First suggestion is to not trust Google. It's not that Google has misinformation. It's that it doesn't talk you through the process nor does it understand the way a tree actually lives and thrives in its environment. There are a lot of factors that play in the role of a trees mature size and longevity. Please use our Shade and Flowering Tree Description Sheet or Come and Talk to Us, The ones who grow the Trees!!   #sorrynotsorrygoogle






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1. What is the Tree's Purpose?


Providing Shade

Street Tree or Property Border

Corner of the House

To Block or Screen

Just to be pretty 


Knowing what you want the Tree to do for you is the first step. This can instantly narrow that long list down.


The Celebration Maple which is pictured to the left is a fast grower sending 2-3 foot of growth every year. My favorite thing about this tree is that it doesn't get too large. It's mature size is about 40 feet tall and 25-30 feet wide. A great tree to use for shade near a patio or deck. Can be planted about 15 feet apart to use for fast screening or property border.

2. Do you have a space requirement or restriction?


Knowing how much space you need to cover or the distance from the house or property line is important.


It will be a quick process of elimination if you can determine a few size or space requirements. 


The Columnar Hornbeam pictured to the right is a tree that doesn't get enough credit. These trees are used all through Europe to line streets and frame the corners of the home or fill small spaces in decorative gardens. This Hornbeam reaches 30-35 feet tall and 15-20 feet wide with a stunning golden fall color. Honestly it will never get too big!

3. Is there anything near by to be concerned about?



*Check on City or Township regulations for planting near the street. - You may have to keep the trees under power lines as well. 


 *You need to know how close to the house you want to plant or need to plant, (if there is an existing bed already there).


*How close are you to the Septic System?


*Planting near the property line may benefit you and your neighbor - FYI they do have the right to trim anything that grows over onto their side. 


*Planting large growing and/or surface rooting trees only a few feet from your paver patio may not be the best idea.

4. What is your realistic time frame for the Tree to satisfy its purpose?


Being honest about how fast you want the Tree to fulfill its purpose is key.

As well as being honest that this tree in some cases is going to out live you, so do you really need to be worried about a potential 70 foot tree that you won't be around to see. 

 Customers have told me they know they will be selling their home in a few years or that they want the results as soon as possible for other reasons. I can better suggest what you need to do if you know the reality of your situation. 


The Kousa Dogwood pictured to the right is a beautiful flowering tree with purples in fall color. I've used Kousa Dogwood as stand alone trees near the house or in a island flowerbed. Kousa Dogwood can also be clustered together (planted about 12 feet apart) to provide faster screening or coverage. 


Providing Shade

Maples are probably the first tree to be considered for Providing Shade, and for good reasons, because of their size, speed of growth, durability and stunning fall color changes.

But I also like to recommend Flowering Cherries (pictured at #3). They have a Vase Shape (branches growing up and out) which allows you to plant them close to patios, decks, walkways, near the driveway and the house without worry about trimming branches. They bloom beautifully in Spring, stay mostly under 25 feet tall and 20 feet wide, and even give you a nice copper fall color. 

Street Tree or Property Border

My favorite choice for a Street Tree is Brandywine Maple it give you that same great color, and growth as a Redsunset Maple but is half the size. 25-30 feet tall and 15-20 feet wide.  That size will stay just about the height of most power lines and won't overgrow into the road needing to be trimmed. 

Maples, Oaks & Sycamore all make great border plantings. I always have customers consider clustering smaller trees under larger selections for better coverage and naturalizing. 

Columnar Hornbeam and Snowgoose Cherry also make great Street Trees and have been planted 10 feet apart to make tight Borders. 

Corner of the House

Most people want to plant within 10-15 feet from their home and within the existing flowerbed. 

White or Pink Dogwood, Lavender Twist Redbud, Flowering Cherries, Flowering Pear, Crabapples, Hornbeam and Brandywine Maples can usually fit that criteria. 


To Block or Screen 

Two ways to Block or Screen, you have enough space in your yard for a single large tree or cluster of larger trees therefore you go with a type(s) of Maple, Oak or Sycamore. 

Or you have a smaller area that you need to provide protection from a neighbor, object or maybe even wind. 

Clustering Flowering Cherries or Crabapples is unique and beautiful. As well as using Flowering Dogwood as I stated above. 

Please, do not hesitate to ask for our assistance. We've been growing trees for over 35 years and understand their qualities and habits especially with the changing weather patterns. We also know and respect the wants/needs of our customers. We are more than willing to answer your questions, point you in the right direction, as well as we are not afraid to suggest something you may not have thought about. 

Happy Tree Hunting, 

Karli Turner

Shade and Flowering Trees

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