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     Foliage Farm offers many rare or unusual plants with a distinctive look for gardeners who desire a focal point or special site plant and for hardcore collectors who appreciate the marvels of nature. 29[1].jpg

      Many of the evergreen selections are conifers which have been grafted to preserve abnormalities of shape, color, or branching pattern. Plants like Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar, Vanderwolf Pine, or Klein’s Nest Fir are examples of these.

76[1].jpg          Dwarf selections of Hinoki Cypress and Mugo Pine are some choices for containers and small gardens while the narrow ascending habit of Green Arrow Alaskan Cedar is a great tight site choice.


      Some evergreens are uncommon when grafted on an upright stem or standard, such as Globe Blue Spruce on standard or Rock Garden Juniper on standard.


      Leaf type shrubs such as Dwarf Lilac and Peegee Hydrangea are also grafted on standards as oddities for the landscape.


      Foliage Farm spring stocks over 40 different cultivars of unusual conifers. Our handout sheet with descriptions and growth rates can help you make the right choice.





Japanese Maples

      Japanese Maples are also popular unusual choices, many with spectacular fall color. Spreading selections like Red Dragon or Waterfall are “dissectum” types with finely cut or dissected leaves. Upright forms of Lion’s Mane or Coral Bark Maple are available along with old standbys like Bloodgood and Sumi Nagashi. We offer Japanese Maples in smaller #2 pot sizes up to larger Balled and Burlapped (B&B) or #15 containers.