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bullet[1].jpgWant to have some trees added to your property? At Foliage Farm it’s a cinch.


      Use our description handouts and the aid of the nursery staff to reserve your selection. Your salesperson will get all the necessary information at the time of checkout. You will receive small flags used to designate your chosen sites when you return home. A planting/delivery crew will either place or install each plant in its proper location. There is no need to be at home to receive your plant material.


      Do-It-Yourselfers love our delivery service since half of the work is already done. Those who like having the advantage of a “Just Add Water” approach can place your flags and let us professionally install your material.


bullet[1].jpgIs your planting project more involved? We can work up a simple sketch to get the process started.


      All you need to do is bring in photos showing several views of your site and a top view diagram with basic dimensions. You should notate the sites exposure to wind and sun and examine the soil conditions (topsoil, clay, shale, wet, dry). Also tell us what you wish to accomplish with this site, and any plant preferences or dislikes. It may be helpful to walk our sales yard to make plant choices if you are dropping off the information.


      One of our staff will contact you to return to the nursery and walk you through a sketch of the area by showing you each plant selection.


      If you are not a Do-It-Yourselfer, we can quote the cost of having our crews install or deliver some or all of the plant material.


      We only release the design if you choose to purchase the plants from us and there is no charge for this service.


 bullet[1].jpgWe welcome requests for quotes on any residential or commercial project.